Perfect tool to fulfill all your project management needs

Project Details

Displays project details of all available tasks.

Task Details

Displays the status of tasks in progress and in progress.

Calendar & Note

Helps determine task deadlines and insert additional notes.

Switch Workspace

It's easy to move parts from one project to another.

Kanban Board

A modern look in looking at all the projects that are currently running.

Multi Lang

Multi-language features are available and can simplify management.

Highly Effective

Competitive Rate

It’s a perfect tool to satisfy your Business Management needs at a friendly rate.

Work Anywhere

Working out no place anywhere and anytime is very easy.

User Control

Control workers and clients easily and periodically.

What to expect from Assignman

  • An effective dashboard with a graphical representation of tasks and projects.
  • Access to tools in multiple languages.
  • Feasibility in finding tasks and projects with a search tab on the top.
  • Kanban task management system to see the progress of various projects.
  • A feature that enable attaching important files to projects.
  • Creating milestones and assigning subtasks to see task achievement in an organized.
  • Multiple user allowance.
  • Client can pay invoice via Stripe
  • Enables project link sharing with clients.
  • Personalize your notes and categorize them.

Easy to control workers

Create multiple workspaces for different projects. You can create an individual workspace or share workspace by inviting other users.